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"When there are too many coincidences, you inevitably start to believe in God's will... But admitting it is very hard."Gabriele - simple, open hearted, awakened from a spiritual sleep girl. Her world is clear and calm: an enjoyable job at the library, a small house with a garden in the countryside, a dog Juodulis, which loyally accompanies her. And the Death Valley. A place full of unusual energies in the fields near her home, where Gabriele, as if on a bridge, crosses into the spiritual world, communicating with God. Early one spring, strange things begin to happen in Gabriele’s peaceful life. It all starts with a friend's impressions about India, an encounter with an ayurvedic teacher Ahmir who insists on meeting Gabriele and the visit of a stranger Aurelius to the library. A chain of strange coincidences, acquaintences, experiences does not give even a minute of peace for Gabriele. Life turns upside down, presenting bigger surprises – people and situations, through which the girl gets opportunities to better know herself and the world, to open even wider paths in the search for God. A captivating story written in one breath that doesn’t allow you to get bored until the last line. Will Gabriele’s desire to love and be loved, to find her person, be fulfilled? What wisdom will she gain in the ashrams of India? How will the idea of the new friends to build an unusual structure in Death Valley end? This is a story that needs to be read with heart, a story about each of us, thirsting for pure, selfless Love, seeking answers to the most important questions of existence and not to wonder what a perfect game of the Creator we are participating in...


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