“In a face of overwhelming coincidences you will start to believe in God against your will… However it is hard to admit.”

Gabriele is an easygoing, openhearted girl, who just woke up from the spiritual dream. Her world is bright and peaceful: ideal job at the library, small house with a garden in a suburbs, and dog Yodulis devotedly guarding his owner. The Death Valley – a place near the house, filled with uncommon energy; Gabriele gets there as if she would walk the bridge to the spiritual world to communicate with God. One early spring, strange things started to happen in the peaceful Gabriele’s life. Everything started with her friend’s experiences about India, Ayurveda teacher Ahmir and his demanding request to meet Gabriele, and the stranger, Aurelius’ visit to the library. Gabriele cannot rest even for a moment from strange coincidences, acquaintanceships, and experiences. Life is going upside down bringing bigger surprises – people and situations that give more opportunities to the girl to know herself, the world, and be open to wider roads looking for God.

                             It seems the story is written in one breath; it grabs your attention and does not let you get bored through the very end. Will Gabriele’s wish to love and to be loved come true? Will she find her man? What kind of experience she will get at the Indian ashram? How will her new friends’ project to build a strange building in the Death Valley end? This is the story that has to be read with your heart; the story about every one of us - thirsty for pure unselfish Love, looking for the answers about the entity and wondering how perfect is Creator’s game in which we are participating…

                             “We are like figurines of chess. We just need to stay in these bodies. God moves us and that is how He does His job. There is no need to bother your head about what to do. After all, you get instructions directly to your heart every day. You just need to do.”